Want to get the best position, performance, comfort while riding your expensive machine?

Come in for a Pro Bike fit at Spokes Cycles.

Great for getting to the root of back problems, neck pain, knee pain, lack of performance, foot alignment issues and general niggling discomforts. Increase your efficiency and at the same time ease all those aches and pains. We make the bike fit you rather than just squeeze you onto a wrongly sized bike. The Bikefit can take up to 2 hours depending on the issues which arise during our analysis. Costs range from 140.00

The time is utilised in the following way:

  1. Client interview
  2. Off bike assessment
  3. Shoe and cleat set up
  4. On Bike assessment
  5. New position set up
  6. Overall assessment
  7. Measure and record
  8. Final advice
  9. Enjoy your new position 

Come prepared with your cycling kit as you would wear on a summers day i.e. Shorts, Short sleeve jersey, cycling shoes. NO BAGGY STUFF PLEASE as we need to see the contours of your body.

To book your BikeFit please ring any of our shops or E-mail us at craig@spokescycles.net


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